PH0MB Ham & Jam

This is my first post on

Weird name eh? but that’s my HAM radio call PH0MB.
My real daily job is being a IT administrator

I’m not very active on the air, but I like to tinker and make stuff and being a ham broadened the scope and connections to fellow tinkerers.

I’m also guitarist in 50’s R&R band “Miss Behave & the Naughty Boys

Currently I’m busy working on creating a Foot controller for a Line6 PocketPod. Not just the usual up/down/left/righ key breakout found on several sites, but a real USB-MIDI solution

I use a RaspBerry PI and an old USB PC keyboard communicating directly to the PocketPod.

Source Code and project details will follow soon, but it really works very well. Support for a Volume/Wah pedal will be added and more to come.

PH0MB Ham & Jam

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